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Welcome to Mint Eyewear

Cristal Eyes OnYX Quartz

Mint Eyewear is an independent distributor of new, exciting and quality eyewear. We are based in Scotland, just outside Glasgow, but we don’t share the shortbread, tartan and deep fried Mars Bar attitude. We are international in our outlook and in the brands, styles and collections we deliver.

Our main markets are the UK and Ireland and our aim is to deliver your product when you need it, not when it suits us.

We currently have five brands – Angelite, Cristal Eyes, OnYX, Topaz and Quartz. Each has a distinct look and feel, ranging from contemporary and edgy through to classic and stylish.

Mint Eyewear was established in 2009 to provide the market ‘fresh’ brands and a new supply approach – customer focused rather than production driven. Prioritising customer service is easy to say, harder to deliver – we deliver!